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We use to have an email sent to us from the admin staff at our brokerage. Sometimes it was hours and maybe even the next day before we received our real estate lead. After testing our LeadAI, we immediately noticed a difference in how quickly we able to engage our customers. Within a few minutes of the customer contacting us, I received a SMS text message and an email with all the relevant details of the lead. They did all the setup and we couldn’t be happier.

Julia H.Syracuse New York State

Using LeadAI made a huge difference for us. We deal in Subprime leads and speed to contact the customer is very important. It was an easy setup and worked seamlessly with our current lead provider. Would recommend it to any car dealership.

Greg W.Vancouver, British Columbia.

We used to have multiple places to look for and manage our Insurance Leads. Since we receive leads from so many sources and platforms it was always difficult to keep tabs on our Insurance Leads. How many we received, how many were contacted, and of course follow up. After talking with the LeadAI that said they could set it up to capture all of our leads in one place and be able to manage them in one place. After initial setup that’s exactly what we got. One solution to manage all of our leads. Could not be happier with the solution and the price.

Shannon R.Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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